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The wildest and most beautiful landscaped, surrounded by cliffs carved by waves and rocky shores as far as the eye can see, welcome to the tourist area of the South: Mahebourg.

The is something relentlessly appealing about Mahebourg (my-boor), where it is about simple pleasure and beautiful beaches. Bearing the name of Bertrand-Francois Mahe de la Bourdonnais, famous general governor of Mascareignes, the place was founded in 1804 by the French Governor Charles Decaen. Mahebourg saw the only Napoleonic marine victory over the English in 1810. This victory is listed on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. A major center of economic life under French administration. Mahebourg was known for its slave market. Full of emotions, it is one of the rare places on the island that has kept this particular period of our history engraved in stone. You can also explore the colonial building and grab the opportunity to start a conversation with a tour guide.

First Stop: National History Museum

Positioned along the main road of the city, Mahebourg is known for his naval museum known as the National History Museum. For sure, the walls of the museum will teach you about how the island came to be from its discovery by Portuguese sailors to the French and British colonies. It is housed in Chateau Gheude, an old French royal county house built around 1772 and currently listed as a national heritage.

Second Stop: Sailing Regatta

A pirogue regatta in the lagoon of Mahebourg ! This leading event has existed for about a hundred years and still attracts numerous spectators in Mahebourg. It takes place almost every end of the month in Mahebourg. Colorful pirogues sails across the already stunning scenery and create a flawless occasion to capture great photographs.

Third Stop: Food

It is an invitation to the Mauritian reality: the houses who travelled time, the small shops where you can find everything and anything, the street food of which the famous 'chanapouri' of Mahébourg (fried Indian fritter), the market with vegetables, the stalls just like a rainbow, clothes begging to be taken home, the artisanal objects, the musical instruments, the sea front swept away by the trade winds.

Take a walk through Mahébourg, it is a gigantic leap in the real Mauritius.

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